The ROKU: the list of entertainment and information 

The ROKU is world known for its superior Streaming of online Entertainment and fun. Famously, it is also a master of digital TV programs. There are very little things that can surpass the quality of service ROKU com link provides as well. is a vital with the roku com link functions and activation. With maestros like Apple Inc. in competition, ROKU takes its services and care for the customers very seriously. Nothing is more important to ROKU than having a good feedback for their products, facilities and resources. From the ROKU Streaming boxes, to the channels and the programs and finally the after service, ROKU prides with staying relevant always. 

What can we expect on the roku channel list? To start, ROKU isn’t concentrated only with providing fun to their clients, but in turn they other factors get equal importance too. From informative programs to news broadcasts to journalistic investigative ROKU packs their packages with accuracy in varied set-ups. So to see a glance of them might interest our customers a lot. Some of the entertainment and informative providers partnering with ROKU are: 

  • To have an initial look, the main focal point of the roku com link is to provide the best in the entertainment world. For that we have partnered up with the likes of Netflix, The ROKU Channel, YouTube, Amazon on demand, Sony Crackle, Showtime Anytime, HULU Plus, etc bringing in fun and a relaxing atmosphere to you.
  • Next is the ROKU contribution of the Sports delicacies. We are as enthusiastic as others to have this verity of spots options to watch when in mood of some sporting actions. From nail biting UFC matches, to the agility of the athletics, it’s all in here with the ROKU Sports telecast options. To bring this wide verity together we have the CBS Sports, Fox Sports, WWE Networks, NBC, ESPN, UGC Channels, MLB TV, NFL etc. These are the picks that we are sure will keep you on your toes. 
  • Thirdly comes the pick of news and information. For any type of TV viewing, be it the online version or the conventional style News items can’t be ignored. ROKU too is of the same option so we bring the ROKU Newscaster for your informative knowledge. The ROKU Channel, Fox News, ESPN, BBC, CNN, NBC, NEWS ON, NPR, The Weather Nation etc. have that fulfilling substance to bring you information from around the world. It also keeps the viewer updated on everything relevant, contemporary and of the utmost importance. More on the verity and the list can be seen at 
  • Then is the turn of a special set of Channels from the roku com link directory. The Private Selection is the set where you will have to add each of them manually rather than selecting them in a full list and then adding on. They are in other words known as hidden or non-certified channels. Some of them are Hallmark Movies Now, Great Chefs, ROKU Movies, EURO Roku, NASA TV UHD etc. Eventhough, you don’t get them directly from the ROKU com link PlayStore, they are of a great entertainment value. 

Activating the ROKU particulars: the roku com account activation-How and Why?

Roku com link account is the main base and back bone to have a smooth ROKU Online Streaming. Without this no work is possible. So to have roku com link account activation without trouble, we help you with the detailed steps below. Go through this carefully and your ROKU Account set-up will be as easy as a light breeze. To start with forming the ROKU com link account please:

  • Make sure that you have a good working system to do the installation. Be it a laptop or a Computer or a Tab etc, it should have a glitch free fine functioning. More over a great internet with good quality reception lead.
  • Fix the internet and the device together. This will mark the start of the roku com device installation and account set-up.
  • Open a web browser that you are comfortable in using. Be it Crome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. pick one that you can navigate through with ease.
  • Later, go to the link and click it open
  • Now, you will be provided with two options:

Sign-up (With a new account)

This is the option that every new user should follow. Let us remind you that, without a proper working account ROKU Streaming Services can’t be operated and enjoyed. 

For registering to create a new account, use a valid rightful email id that you are authorized to use. Using your personal email or one made specifically for this is preferred.

Enter in the information that is asked. Details like the name and location etc should be entered clearly.

Next is the step to create a password for this new ROKU com account that is being creating. 

Form a password that is not easily detectable by others. 

Because, the security of your account is solely up to you, you need to make sure your password is not easily transferable. Importantly, think of a scenario where someone easily accesses your roku com account and then manipulates its data or your saved account and payment info. This will easily call for trouble for you and losses will be incurred. So to avoid such a situation, it is advisable that you include numerals and special characters in your password. For example, the inclusion of letterings similar to !, &, #, *, $, @, ~, % etc not only will build your sign-in password strength, but will increase its security too. 

(With an existing account)

This is a selection for the consumers of roku com who already have been with the brand. Sign-in with the information that is required as well as the roku link activation code (or the rekindling code here). Use the roku com link code to revive your expired account and re-install the working of your account. And you can now without any hindrance enjoy the roku com link streaming services to your fullest after this step. 

More details can be availed on 

  • Next is the step to start the payment process.

To fully subscribe to the roku com link account, a payment fee has to be submitted. Doing this, you get to access the whole ROKU com link features. But you will also have the admission to customizing your personal roku com account up to your liking as well.

  • Similarly, with the payment too you will have two preferences to choose from

ROKU com subscription payment is a very easy affair. Just a few simple steps and you will have the money settled to have a wonderful ROKU fun time. With this option too ROKU com link is generous with giving its customers two alternatives of payment. You can:

  1. Use a PayPal account

If you have a valid PayPal account that you are entitled to use, then make the required payment using this method.  Fill in the information that is needed to set-up a payment getaway and then make the transaction securely.

This pick is the most chosen method by ROKU customers. Properly give in your card details like your credit card number, expiration date etc. After that, create the payment sanction and proceed to make the imbursement towards the roku com link account subscription.

Make the payment through a Credit Card

  • Furthermore, it’s now chance to include the channels you want to your roku com account list. Access them through the ROKU Channel Play Store and pick your likings. Customize your channel list in your account and make it tailored acclaimed to your taste. Mae the payment (for the paid channels) and add them or just pick from the free channels inventory and insert it to your roku channel records.
  • While registering the link to the account, please also remember that there is a ROKU Mobile App too. This comes with almost the same features roku com account provides you with. You can get it through the Google Play Store or from the Apple iTunes Store. The main advantage with this app is that you will be able to control your roku com account distantly with this. 

This App will make your mobile phone/ tablet etc, into a remote too. Apart from these features, you can enjoy your ROKU account privately on your mobile, listen to music from the roku com link store etc. The ROKU Private Listening Feature is the main attraction of this ROKU Mobile App. 

Get more information about the account activation from 

If you come across any complexity while registering your ROKU com link account or with any of the above steps, please visit There go to our customer support, and then one of our technical help personnel will be at hand to guide you out of your difficulty. 

How and Why should I activate my roku com link at

After the ROKU com account is created, you will have to activate the roku com slash link as well to operate your account in any way. Without that there will be no proper functioning of the roku com link or the account associated to it. To start with the process, make sure that you have the right information of the roku com device as well as the system you are using. Without any leave now, let us start with the roku com link activation. 

  • After your roku com link account is formed, it is now ready to be activated. As said before, activating this will not only able you to stream the roku fun but infact it enables you to live the grand ROKU life. Let us move ahead now and link the account with the roku appliance as well. When the roku com link device is connected to the internet, it will mechanically search for your device on the network list. This network list can be found on the task bar of the system (like your laptop or computer etc). 

Every now and then, your system will detect your device and log-it in voluntarily without you prompting it. This is the case when you already have registered the device prior to this use and are re-registering the roku account.

In the opposite case, when you are not able to find your device on the network you don’t have to worry. Launch the link by physically introducing the connection. Search for the network name on the list, pick your connection and enter the username and password. And finally you can connect your device to the net. With it, the device is set with the net and then the roku com link. You can continue now with your roku com link account activation.

  • Also then you will have to select a language and a country to go further with activating the link. 

Please select a language that you can understand easily.  This is due to the fact that, after your selection is done, the further steps will be displayed in this specific language. So to have the ease of understanding and to avoid confusion, make your language choice wisely. In the same way, a country should also be picked to register your roku account with the link and then proceed to the next phase.

  • After the very above step is finished, you will get a code specific for moving ahead with the activation of the This is the roku com link Activation Code. 
  • Continuing the roku com link activation process, go to the roku link Then go ahead and put-in the roku com link activation code that you got earlier when asked. Subsequently, if there are anymore instructions or steps to be completed, follow them as you are instructed to. Finish this phase of activation, by following the remaining process as you are prompted.
  • Finally, your computer/laptop screen will display a note of a greeting, indicating that your roku com link activation is completed.  So this means that your ROKU com account is activated and ready to be customized.
  • With the activation of the roku com link account now over with, you can add the channels that you have picked. Tailored according to your likings, this roku com account is made to measure with the preferences that you have made.  Pick the channels from the ROKU Play Store that is available and then make a list of them with your preferences. Later, then add this list to your personal roku com link account. This way your programs are at your choice to be watched and enjoyed whenever you feel too.  Again, it should be remembered that the ROKU com link Channels are of two types:
  1. Free Entertainment Channels: These are the ones that you can access without paying any fee. They are available from the ROKU Play Store and can be selected from the same location e.g. : YouTube, Cartoon Network, Sky News, SONY Crackle, PBS Kids, The ROKU Channel, etc.
  1. Paid/A la Carte’ Channels: This genre of channels comes with a small subscription charge. Select them either in a group or pick them individually, you can get these from the ROKU Play Store as the above option. Taking into view the huge entertainment percentage you get back, the tiny payment amount is a small thing to spare. 

This is also to be understood that, the paid channels will not be available when the trial/free period of the ROKU subscription is running. Only the Free Channels option is viable during the trial period of the Roku contribution (i.e. the initial 7 days).

Get more information on 

  • Besides all the above information and instructions provided, we are giving you a few more tips to make your Roku life easier. These aren’t mandatory steps, but suggestions that may de-stress your fine Roku com link experience. Try looking at these and then tweaking your set-up to make a fairer chance of a smooth Roku streaming experience.
  1. To get a full-on flawless streaming time gives a lot of mental satisfaction. And this is what each Roku link customers aspire to. But there are times when our clients face troubles with buffering or freezing due to poor internet connectivity. To avoid that, we propose a great Wi-Fi connection with the appropriate speed required for Online Streaming. Moreover having a second viewing device is also a good option. In case your main device breaks down due to some reason this secondary device will come in handy. 
  2. In the same way, sturdy connectivity is a heaven while watching a nail-biting video over the net. So for stable connectivity between your streaming gadget and your viewing device use a good HDMI Cable. ROKU had a great source of these cables and using it will never pull you back from having a grand ROKU Streaming Experience. 

These factors or further- know more at 

How do I get help for my technical ROKU difficulties?

Do not worry when you are in a fix due to a device malfunction or a command freeze. Or even a streaming loop mix-up might shake you up a bit. Just call us up at to get help, anything and everything related to ROKU. Our Technical team of ROKU com link customer service gets at your service as soon as we get the query from your side. Well trained in their trade, the expertise of the ROKU technical team is at par with an international level. So without the wait, call/message/chat with us and see your ROKU hitch vanish away.

Contact us at or ring us on the toll-free customer number on the website.

How to create or update PIN for account

Over the previous decade, Roku streaming devices have earned massive respect in the streaming device
industry due to their impressive features. You can stream videos in 4K, mirror the screen of your mobile
phone, change the display refresh rate, give input via voice and do so much more on your Roku streaming
device. You Just need to name a your streaming device feature, and it is present in Roku. In terms of security and
privacy, Roku implies a strict validation procedure for activating the Roku device, roku provide a strong security and also gives the option to create a transaction PIN.

What is the Roku Com Link Transaction PIN?

Roku device Transaction PIN is a four-digit security code that users can choose to secure their Roku account.
This PIN will be required to add paid channels from the Roku channel store or as a user wishes. You can
also set the Roku PIN as a parental control feature for protecting your kids from downloading anything
to your Roku device, including the free channels. Thus, the Roku PIN is a conformation PIN that will
prevent any unauthorized downloads and payments from the Roku channel store and will act as a
means of parental control for your children. If you are looking to create a Roku transaction unique PIN, then first all of create your account or follow a few simple steps given below.

Steps for creating or updating a PIN

If you think you require a Roku PIN to safeguard your purchases in the Roku Channel Store, then the best option is to create the PIN while activating your Roku streaming device. In order to set up a your Roku device

  • Visit url on your device like android phone or computer.
  • Enter your roku activation code from your Roku TV screen.
  • Select the ‘Create a Roku account’ option.
  • Enter the required details like name, email address, and password.
  • PIN during the time of device activation

To Update your Roku Com Link PIN

  • Get on a PC or mobile phone with working internet connection.
  • Launch any web browsing application.
  • Visit my and login to your account.
  • Under PIN Preference, select the ‘Update’ option.
  • Enter the PIN you want to set up and re-enter it in the ‘Verify PIN’ field for confirmation.
  • Save the Changes to update your Roku PIN.

These were the steps that you can use to create and update your Roku PIN. For more information on and Roku products feel free to get in touch with us.